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Executive Project Director with international experience

Help shape the future of Greenland


3 new airports to ensure development

The Greenlandic air traffic is integral to the society and its cohesion. Not counting transport at sea, the aviation infrastructure is the sole mean of transport that connects the country and creates the necessary connections to enable travel within Greenland and abroad. The Greenlandic Self-Rule government founded Kalaallit Airports A/S in 2016 with the purpose of building, owning, and operating two international airports in Nuuk and Ilulissat (both with a 2,200m runway) and a North Atlantic airport in Qaqortoq (1,500m)


The job as Executive Project Director

Investment in airports totaling almost 4 billion DKK will occur to strengthen the Greenlandic infrastructure, to enable the county to attract investments and strengthen its tourism, etc., and as the Executive Project Director you will have a central role in the largest and most important infrastructure project in modern-day Greenland. This project represents a major exertion of energy and money for the Greenlandic society, and it is paramount that this very large project is completed within the set limits of time, finance and quality. Ensuring this will be your responsibility. That task includes:

  • Overall management of the project setup and supervision of the organization’s, main contractors', suppliers', consultants' and advisers performance, with regards to time, finance, quality, environment and safety, as well as supervision to ensure that the projects are executed from tender to delivery.
  • Control of the overall project economy, and ensure contract compliance
  • Coordination with authorities, advisers, consultants, main contractors and suppliers
  • Management of a small, internal project organization with three Senior Project Managers and a number of Assistant
  • Project Managers, who refer to you within each their area of responsibility


It is intentional that the project development and construction phases will not generate a large internal project organization, but that the company will largely rely on resources and expertise from external advisers and consultants.

You will be based in the main office in Nuuk, where you will work and cooperate with competent and engaged colleagues, but travel to the other construction sites in Ilulissat and Qaqortoq will be required. You will form part of a two-person Executive management team alongside the company’s CEO. The Executive management team refers to the company’s independent Board of Directors.

Tenders for civil works (runways, etc.) in the airport projects in Nuuk and Ilulissat have recently been issued to the six

pre-qualified contractors, all of whom are large international contractors, and you will partake in the final stages of the selection of the contractor who will be engaged to build the runways. As such, you will have a flying start as the beginning of construction is scheduled for early in the fall of 2019.


Your profile

We are looking for a professionally well-versed Executive Project Director with international experiences. Your role

in the project requires:

  • Experience cooperating with and managing/coordinating large international contractors', suppliers', consultants' and advisers’ performance
  • Engineering background or similar
  • A solid ability to read, interpret and enforce complex contracts
  • Negotiation experience and a solid ability to find good solutions
  • Extensive insight in and experience with large-scale complex construction projects
  • Solid skills in management of project economics
  • Fluent English for complex negotiations


It is a benefit, but not a requirement, that you have experience with construction works under challenging climatic conditions.

On a personal level, the task requires a cooperative but also firm disposition. You must have drive and be a strong

negotiator. You must know what you want and be able to pursue your goal. An excellent overview and perspective,

and the ability to see through the complexity of large tasks is essential. Finally a good intuition for where to invest

your efforts to find good solutions is required.


We offer you

  • A central role in and large responsibility for the largest, most important project in modern-day Greenland
  • A compensation package commensurate to the large demands re: qualifications and experience
  • Influence on the mode of employment, which we are open to discussing with you


For further information

Feel free to contact chairman of the Board Jóhannus Egholm Hansen (+45 2389 8008 / johannus@kair.gl) or Director Jan Thomsen (+45 4040 719 / jth@ramsdalgruppen.dk) for a confidential dialogue about the possibilities.

Contact Jan Thomsen to request further background materials on the position and the task.


We are happy to welcome your application as soon as possible, no later than april 1. 2019, in an email to: ans@ramsdalgruppen.dk


Ramsdal Executive

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