Football Reporter

Football Reporter

Genius Sports are looking for freelance football reporters to work in the Sauðárkrókur area.

. We supply accurate official live data to many major clients direct from football matches.

We cover the top 5 levels of Icelandic men's football, the top 2 levels of women's football and all cup competitions. This means we will cover Tindastoll, Tindastoll women and, if you are prepared to travel, Hvöt and KF

The basic job is reporting live data direct from football matches via an easy-to-use web-based mobile app. This job is ideal for people looking for an extra income, football fans and/or students.

The only requirements are: a knowledge of the rules of football, a smartphone plus a backup phone (of any quality, it only has to be able to receive calls) and a decent level of English

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